Private Kripalu Yoga Instruction

Whether you have are a beginner wanting guidance, have a home practice you need some coaching on, or just want one on one scheduling a private Kripalu Yoga session maybe for you.  Private classes are also suitable for small groups, specific needs and times, meditation and more.  Class for more info.  Private sessions are $70.00 per hour by appointment;  $110.00 off site by appointment. Duet private (2 students) $105.00 at studio

Gentle Kripalu Yoga

This class is a gentle and creative.  A place to refill your well.  Great for beginners, guys, baby-boomers, busy moms, any age, any level of experience. For anyone wanting to improve balance, strength, relaxation, and flexibility. Yoga enhances overall health and strengthens the immune system.  Kripalu Yoga emphasizes compassion, self-acceptance, and non-judgement of self and others.   Come join us!  All levels welcome.

Traditional Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu means "compassion". Compassion to learn to listen to your body and do what you can at any given moment.  This is a great class to come and listen to your body and what it needs at that moment.   A Class for all experience levels.  This class is designed to strengthen, stretch, tone, increase flexibility, balance and focus. The Kripalu style emphasizes compassion, self-acceptance, and non-judgement of self and others.  All levels welcome.